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The Harare SPCA is a non-profit organisation which means we rely on public donations to enable us to keep our doors open.

The Hospital offers veterinary care to hundreds of animals.  Animals are treated for injuries, illness , disease and neglect. They are vaccinated, dipped, de-wormed and sterilized. X-rays are taken and operations are undertaken to save lives.

The Harare SPCA does not turn away any animal in need. The work must continue.

Resources are limited, financial problems burden the society and the Council members, volunteers, vets and staff do whatever they can to maintain a very high standard of care for the needy animals.

The essentials required to continue with the difficult and heart-breaking work come at a high cost.

Medication and drugs are needed, food, blankets, and fuel are basic everyday requirements. Salaries have to be paid. Maintenance of buildings, exercise runs, vehicles and equipment is very costly. Disinfectants and cleaning materials are high on the priority list. Uniforms for the staff need replacing constantly  The list is endless.

The only hope for the animals is that people will find it in their hearts to extend a helping hand. The Harare SPCA and Friends of the Harare SPCA Facebook pages have thousands of members. If each member donated $5 per month to the Harare SPCA there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. It takes approximately $40,000 per month to keep the doors open and the high standards maintained.

Please donate to the Harare SPCA. Our survival depends on each and every one of you! You can use any of the following options:
Short Code: *151*2*1*06326* amount*4321#
Long Code: *151# dial
Enter Biller Code - 06326
Enter Amount
Enter account number 4321 (this is a tracking code so we can identify this as a donation and not a payment at the hospital or kennels)
Confirm the payment and you are done!

Local Bank Account
FBC Bank Private Bank - Harare
Account Name: Harare SPCA
Account Number: 1027530780178 (If using mobile banking add 004 at the beginning of account number)
Sort Code: 8104
Swift Code: FBCPZWHA

Nostro Account: For donations in US Dollars or from outside Zimbabwe
FBC Bank
Account Name: Harare SPCA
Account Number: 1027530780995
Account Currency: USD
Branch Name: Private Bank Harare
Swift Code: FBCPZWHA
Sort Code: 8104
Many people find it too emotional to come in and see the animals but there are other options.
You can help by doing one of the following:
Support our Charity Shop
We would be grateful for any unwanted items to be dropped off at the Hospital for our Charity Shop.
The rehoming kennels are an ideal location for corporates or individuals to show their support for the society by sponsoring a single kennel or a block of 10 kennels on a monthly basis.
We invite our sponsors to put up a plaque or company logo on a kennel or block of their choice. This sponsorship covers the cost of the general care of the animals in the kennel.
Become a Fundraising Volunteer
This suits people who:
Are unable to attend regular meetings
Don't have the time to dedicate to the organisation of an event
Are able to help out on the day of events
Are willing sell raffle tickets, etc.
Join the Fundraising Committee
This is a role that requires active participation and dedication and suits people who:
Can attend monthly or 6 weekly meetings
Are able to make phone calls during working hours
Are able to drive around and collect prizes or drop off posters/ tickets/ entry forms in the build up to an event
Can source prizes for raffles or competitions
Support the others in the committee when they need help with their events.
To adopt an animal from the Harare SPCA see our adoption procedure on the home page. Click here.

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